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People Are REALLY Freaking Out Over What They Feel Is Censorship By YouTube

#YouTubeIsOverParty has been trending like crazy, but it seems some people may have the wrong end of the stick.

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On Wednesday, popular YouTuber Philip DeFranco posted a screenshot of a notification showing that one of his YouTube videos was to be de-monetised.

Seems like @Youtube will be stripping most of my advertising from now on. Oh well. I'm not going to censor myself.

Many people assumed this indicated a change in policy on which videos could carry advertisements. Soon, people were piling on over what they saw as censorship.

before and after the new youtube policies #YouTubeIsOverParty

what the future of youtube is going to look like #YouTubeIsOverParty


who's going bankrupt after they start enforcing these new guidelines? #YouTubeIsOverParty

trying to make youtube a PG site when the MINIMUM google sign up age is 13?? where is the logic #YouTubeIsOverParty

YouTube's policy on de-monetising videos is actually longstanding.

But it seems YouTube has reworded their guidelines recently/is putting them into action more


The platform has merely changed its process of notifying creators when their videos are de-monetised. Previously, this information could only be found at the video-level analytics. Now it is available in the user's video manager.

In this case, it seems likely that DeFranco's video had been de-monetised because it contained swearing and discussed Brock Turner, the perpetrator at the centre of the infamous Stanford rape case.

And within hours, #YouTubeIsOverParty was trending.

did youtube forget they made this or #YoutubeIsOverParty


sneak peak screenshots of this years Youtube Rewind #youtubeisoverparty

#YoutubeIsOverParty good for you youtube

A YouTube spokesperson said: "While our policy of de-monetizing videos due to advertiser-friendly concerns hasn’t changed, we’ve recently improved the notification and appeal process to ensure better communication."

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