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A Politician Who Breastfed Her Daughter In Parliament Is Getting Praise

The photograph of Victoria Donda Perez taken last week in the Congressional Palace in Buenos Aires is blowing up on social media.

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Last week, Argentinian MP Victoria Donda Perez, 37, breastfed her eight-month-old daughter during a parliamentary session.

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Donda Perez, a human rights activist and lawyer, was the youngest woman ever to become a member of the Argentine National Congress, when she was elected in 2007.

Many praised Donda for her actions.

Si este hecho no da cuenta de lo que realmente es compromiso con el pueblo, qué lo es? Ser mujer, ser madre, ser...


Some argued that women should try to emulate her.

@victoriadonda va al Congreso y durante las sesiones amamanta a su hija, mientras otras pedirían licencia. Bien ahí!

Victoria Donda goes to congress and between sessions feeds her daughter, while others ask for maternity leave. Good for her.
I wish some day all mothers, public employees or not, have the option to feed their kids in their work place. Privilege of very few.

Donda is the first known child of disappeared political prisoners to become a legislator.

Evo, ejemplo de humildad, coherencia y trabajo.

At the age of 26, she learned that her supposed father was a torturer in Argentina and that her true parents were political prisoners.

She was placed in the awful position of having to take a DNA test to confirm her parents' identity – her decision to do meant the man she had thought to be her father all her life was placed on trial for kidnapping. He supported her in the decision to take the test.

Her parents remain missing to this day.

Y ahí estuvimos dando una mano al Torito #NuevaChicago

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