One Of The Teachers From “Educating Yorkshire” Was Rather Rude About Michael Gove Last Night

He picked up the award for best documentary and took the chance to say a few choice words about the Education Secretary.

1. Educating Yorkshire was an amazing Channel 4 show.

Channel 4

It showed the lives of teachers and pupils at Dewsbury’s Thornhill Community Academy. By turns it was funny, enraging, sad and inspirational.

2. The best bit was the “Real King’s Speech” episode.

Which told the story of how a boy named Musharaf overcame his stammer with the help of his teachers. It has nothing to do with this story really but it’s a good excuse to post this.

3. Anyway, you’ll also remember Michael Steer - a maths whizz who turned his back on banking to teach.

Channel 4

He was incredibly dedicated to the job, and viewers generally wondered if the toll he was allowing it to take on his health was going to lead to an ambulance being called to the school at some point.

4. Last night he was at the Royal Television Society Awards in London.

5. And the show did win best documentary. At which point, according to the Independent, Mr Steer picked up the award and addressed the audience:

On behalf of teachers I’d like to dedicate this award to Michael Gove and I mean dedicate in the Anglo Saxon sense which means insert roughly into the anus of.

6. Cripes.

Olivia Harris / Reuters

The Department for Education has told BuzzFeed it’s not commenting on the acceptance speech.

7. Updated March 19, 9.55 GMT: That said, Mr Gove’s wife just has.

Oh dear. And he seemed like such a nice man:

— Sarah Vine (@SarahVine)

8. The following should be noted:

The etymology of “Dedicate” is late Middle English (in the sense “devote to sacred use by solemn rites”): from Latin dedicat- ‘devoted, consecrated’, from the verb dedicare .

At no point in the history of Anglo Saxon is it used to mean rectal insertion.

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