A Bunch Of People On Facebook Think A Refugee Swam From Afghanistan To France With A Pot Noodle

    And an iPhone 6 on half-charge.

    So, over on Facebook there's a post that apparently links to a Daily Mail story about how Syrian refugees have been given homes on an army base in Liverpool.

    If you click through, it kind of looks like a Daily Mail story, apart from the fact there are adverts for porn and the masthead's all wrong.

    It describes how "around 900 Syrian refugees will be rehomed in Weeton Barracks – home of The 2nd Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment – as part of the UK's efforts to help those fleeing war and terror".

    And there's a quote from a refugee called "Mohammed Mohammed", who apparently "swam from Afghanistan to France with only a pot noodle and half a charge in his iPhone 6s".

    But the man in the picture isn't from Afghanistan. He's Kurdish.

    Here's a map of his possible swim. With a Pot Noodle. And an iPhone 6. On half-charge.

    (We did look into whether he could have taken a short cut but it seems unlikely.)

    Anyway, it's made a bunch of people really angry.

    Like, really mad.

    But as it happens, the army base involved has posted a statement saying, as you might have guessed, that the story isn't true.

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    So there we are.