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"Milibae: The Movie" Is A Quite Extraordinary Political Campaign Video

It's entirely possible this is what a nationwide nervous breakdown looks like. Updated: The creator is in touch!

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You know how last month we discovered that Ed Miliband has a growing #fandom of teen girls? Well...

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Now there is this.

And we have a lot to discuss.

Like BuzzFeed writer Hannah Jewell opening things up with some incisive analysis.

The powerful bit where Ed's face appears between David Cameron and George Osborne.


The bit where he gets splatted by an egg that segues into a My Idol animation!

The bit where Adam Boulton asks Hannah Jewell an extremely difficult question and she elegantly deflects it!

And the surprise appearance of HONEST CONSERVATIVE JOURNALIST Peter Oborne, who probably never imagined he'd one day be a viral video star.

BuzzFeed is attempting to contact the anonymous person who made this video, but they're apparently "busy at work". We'll update when they get back to us.


The creator of the video, Jack Morgan, 26, has got in touch. He told us that he was inspired by two things: "First, obviously, was the Milifandom, especially its brilliant leader on Twitter, Abby (@twcuddleston). Second was my fiancée's instinctive reaction to Ed Miliband when we were watching the Cameronless 'challengers' debate: belting out 'I Need A Hero'".

He told us he made most of it last weekend, but because he's an amateur "spent probably the same amount of time during the week messing around trying to make the aspect ratio compatible with YouTube."

Morgan works as a counsellor in an East London secondary school. He said he talks with teenagers every day, so The Milifandom "struck a chord" with him, as he recognised "the same passion, intelligence and scepticism that so many young people show in the face of this increasingly unequal and fractured society."

He said his favourite response so far had been from The Spectator, which described the video as "precocious" and asked if the Milifans "asked for some guidance from their fathers" – "It's like the perfect out-of-touch Tory response," he added.

In actual fact, he said he sought guidance from "Milifan extraordinaire" Abby before publishing the video, because, "I didn’t want to send it out into the world without the fandom’s backing." Abby actually told him his original version devalued the "serious nature" of her campaign, so the new, improved version you see above is a result of the "principled seriousness of this 'precocious' teenager".

And he adds: "My final message is one of solidarity with the fandom. Keep breaking the nasty spell that the media have cast over the country, and let’s give voters the gift of truth when they step into the polling booth on Thursday."

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