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    Everyone's Freaking Out Over This Morrisons Pizza Because It Looks Rude

    This might be one of the most epic supermarket fails of all time.

    So Morrisons has decided to create a rugby-ball-themed pizza for the Rugby World Cup!

    Morrisons are selling a rugby pizza for the World Cup. Oh a rugby ball? Yes, that's what I thought it was too. πŸ‘€

    Except, erm...

    #morrisons pizza! Meant to resemble a rugby ball! #fannypizza πŸ˜†πŸ˜† kind of...

    Morrisons, what is it up with this pizza?


    @Morrisons... How many people in your marketing department failed to see something other than a rugby ball?...πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š

    ...looks like something else? 😳

    Think someone needs to have a word with the Pizza maker at Morrisons! We're no pizza experts but that ain't no 'ball'

    Anyway, it's probably delicious. You could eat it on this sofa and dip the crusts in some hummus.

    A Morrisons spokesman told BuzzFeed: "Our pizza design team thought that fans would have rugby on their minds right now – apparently not all of them."

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