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Nigel Farage Just Stormed Out Of An Interview After Raging At The Sun And Daily Mail

It doesn't look like he's very happy.

Watch: Nigel Farage cuts interview short after sarcastically congratulating The Sun and Daily Mail #GE2015

Farage was questioned by ITV News about the exit poll.

It suggested that UKIP has only won two seats.

Farage responded: "I want to congratulate the editors of the Sun and Daily Mail. They're geniuses. They said the UKIP vote would split the Tory vote. God help us."

Prior to the interview there were rumours circulating that Farage has in fact finished third in Thanet.

yes its early on but @labour campaign sources in thanet south convinced @Nigel_Farage has not won #ge2015

Rumours that Farage is well out in Thanet South. Props to @almurray and the tactical voters #GE2015