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Missing Flight MH370's Captain "Identified As Prime Suspect" By Malaysian Police

The Sunday Times says checks have cleared all other people on board.

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According to the Sunday Times, the official Malaysian police investigation of the disappearance of the airliner MH370 has identified the captain, Captain Zaharie Shah, 53, as the prime suspect in the plane's disappearance.

The criminal inquiry does not rule out the possibility the plane was lost due to mechanical failure or terrorism, but the police view is that if it was the result of human action, the captain was the most likely perpetrator [...]Detectives conducted more than 170 interviews. They discovered that the captain, a jovial, outgoing, married man with a penchant for gadgetry and postings on social media, appeared to have made no social or work commitments for the future. That stood in contrast to the plans of his co-pilot, Fariq Hamid, and the rest of the crew.

The paper also claims Zaharie had programmed a flight simulator in his home with drills rehearsing a flight far out into the southern Indian Ocean and a landing on an island with a short runway.

However, friends of Captain Zaharie have previously cast doubt on the theory that he might have used the simulator to plan a hijacking: he was open enough to post images of the unit on Facebook.

He also claimed in his posts that he opposed terrorism.

Via Facebook: zaharie.shah.3

And he'd posted in support of democratic opposition to Malaysia's ruling coalition, and uploaded five short YouTube clips about repairing electrical systems.

According to the Sunday Times, the initial results of the inquiry have not been published but have been shared with foreign governments and investigators. The paper says: "They were disclosed by people in the aviation industry and government officials in southeast Asia." Malaysian police told the paper: "The police investigation is still ongoing. To date no conclusions can be made as to the contributor to the incident and it would be sub judice to say so."