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Meet The Men Trapping Paedophiles By Pretending To Be Teenage Girls

The internet group Dark Justice say they're "just trying to make a difference in the world".

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This is the moment John Rudd, 57, was trapped after thinking he was meeting a 14-year-old girl with whom he'd had sexual conversations online.

Dark Justice

Rudd has just appeared in Newcastle Crown Court and will be sentenced next month.

What's interesting about this case is that Rudd wasn't trapped by traditional law-enforcement authorities.

According to the Newcastle Chronicle, the prosecutor told the court:

The case is a little unusual in that the actual people with whom he was communicating were two men in their twenties, members of a group, Dark Justice. They effectively set up a trap to trap paedophiles.

Rudd had no previous convictions. He'd initially believed he was talking to a 19-year-old girl.

Despite then being told she was underage, he travelled to Newcastle from his home in Stockton to meet the 14-year-old on the Millennium Bridge. Instead, he was met by two men from Dark Justice, who handed his details to police.

We're in our twenties: we do have families, but we don't really want to give much away about ourselves. We are not scared of been known, just we wish all the attention to go towards what we stand for, not us – we are just two lads trying to make a difference in the world.

They told us they started Dark Justice because they couldn't see enough being done by the government "to stop this happening".

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"As the saying goes," they added, "'Be the change you want to see in the world.'"

"Children are the future and we must do everything in our power to show them to always help others, and lately the government have done nothing but make cut after cut to the front line."We have caught eight people so far but have more who want to meet. Two of them have been to court and the rest are on bail pending investigations at this moment in time. We can't give any information on these men due to legal reasons."
We set up profiles on social media sites, dating sites, even teen chat sites – and we always wait to be messaged by people and within the first three messages we always tell them how old we are and if they wish to continue with the chat that is always left up to them. We also never talk sexual or send sexual images.

Last year, a Channel 4 documentary about Stinson Hunter, a young man mounting a very similar operation, made for powerful and at times uncomfortable viewing.

Channel 4

The former partner of a man who killed himself after being caught by him criticised his use of social media, warning it could cause "violent witch hunts".

We are aware of Stinson Hunter and we think he is a wonderful person and his work is amazing. I guess we don't really differ from him: We're all doing the same thing and want to see the same changes and are not scared to fight for change.We know some people don't like what we do and say we that we collect evidence in a bad way, but this incorrect. We have a very high standard and every second of chat is logged in neat files all ready to be checked and used by the police.

They claimed the police had been "brilliant" towards them.

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They said police are "always telling us about safety, but we are reporting a very serious crime to them and they deal with it like they would all crime".

We have also had offers of help and even the offer of donations, apartments, equipment and people wanting to join our cause!Also, we do not class ourselves as 'vigilantes' or 'heroes': We are just two lads who want the government to stop the cuts and make real change and allow the police to do what we do 24/7 without the worry of budget.

BuzzFeed News has contacted Northumbria Police for a statement about Dark Justice.

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