Here's The Story Behind That Mega-Viral "Big Ass Eyebrows" Vine

    Tasia Alexis and her dad are blowing up the internet.

    If you've been anywhere near Tumblr or Twitter in the last week or two, chances are you've seen this.

    Possibly one of the greatest Vines of all time.

    It was made by dad Jamie Hussey. He told BuzzFeed News: "The Vines that do the best are the Vines that you just come upon with no thinking. Me and my friend were going over Vines that whole day and nothing was really working. Nothing looked right on video, so we called it quits.

    "I still had my Vine camera on as I walked in the house and there it was. My mother was sitting on the couch with [my daughter's] mirror."

    Two days later, Hussey said, the video had more than 100,000 likes on Vine and four million loops. When someone posted it on Facebook, it reached more than three million views in two days.

    Jamie lives in Covington, Georgia. He owns a roofing company, and he's a father of three.

    And what you might not have realised is that one of his children is very famous on the internet indeed. Jamie's a father of two boys, called London, aged eight, and Ashton, aged 10, and a young lady, who goes by the name of...

    ...Tasia Alexis. She has more than three million followers on Vine.

    Jamie told BuzzFeed News that he started to use Vine back in July 2013 when Tasia started recording him: "At that time, I didn't know what Vine was, but I went with it. I didn't care if she... taped me.

    "Eventually, Tasia told me I should make my own Vine account... She said 'they think you're really funny'."

    And while Jamie's picked up a lot of his followers from his daughter, she can thank him for getting started on the app.

    It all happened because she got in trouble one day, so he sent her to her room. "This is where she found Vine," he said. "A friend of hers said there was a new app out where you can express yourself in six seconds. Tasia found the app. A few weeks later she had 100,000 followers. We didn't think anything about it, She continued to grow and before too long she had reached one million."

    Hussey said they had "no idea" the opportunities Vine would bring them "until our phone started ringing and all the emails came in. Tasia was getting messages from everywhere wanting her to advertise and promote products. It was so unreal."

    And now Jamie's starting to become a Vine star in his own right.

    It's not the first time he's gone super viral: he says this Vine got over 50,000,000 views on Facebook.

    Jamie's also keen to fight bullying.

    He's released an app where people can post videos and pictures, but all comments have to be approved.

    So what's next for Jamie and Tasia?

    Jamie told BuzzFeed News that Vine has given him and his daughter "opportunities we would have never had".

    He said: "It's crazy going places and a complete stranger calls out your name or walks up to you wanting a picture. This is the life. We love it. Our goal is to continue being who we are and not changing for anyone. We will continue laughing and making videos and putting them out for people to see. That's what we do, that's what we love."

    And really, that's the secret behind why these guys are so popular.

    You can just see how much fun they're having.

    Keep on keeping on, guys!