McDonald's Wants You To See What Goes Into Its Chicken Nuggets

    And the result will either set your mind at rest or put you off entirely...

    So a few years ago, this image, purporting to be the stuff that goes in McNuggets, went around the internet.

    So McDonald's in Canada has decided to put the myth to bed. As this video shows, they begin with whole chickens.

    Then they have a whole load of breast meat to put in the mincer.

    Out it comes, to be mixed with seasoning.

    And the end result is NOT pink gloop. It's…sort of brown gloop. Much more appetizing.

    Anyway, brown gloop is made into the four basic shapes the vid says we apparently all know, which are the "bow tie," the "bell," and…the other two.

    The blobs are then battered.

    And the final result is…battered goo.

    You can look at the whole process on the company's YouTube channel.

    And see how burgers are made, how fries are made and find out what goes in a Big Mac's sauce. All of which may make you want a McDonald's, or not.