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    This Is Theresa May’s Political Legacy Summed Up In Funny Tweets About Theresa May

    As of today, Theresa May is no longer Tory leader, but is still a sort of zombie prime minister. *looks to camera*

    Who can forget the moment Theresa May burst onto the world stage?

    Hi world this is our prime minister and it stands like this

    Whereupon she announced her presence with a fierce cabinet reshuffle.

    If you can hear us Margaret, move a glass.

    Remember how she promptly committed one of the worst mistakes in British electoral history by deciding to hold a snap general election?

    'She said she wasn't going to call a general election' Theresa May:

    And then led a really bad campaign.

    Theresa May's approach to this election reminds me a lot of the time I went to bed at my own house party

    And got laughed at for not appearing in TV debates.

    If you say 'Strong and Stable' three times in to a mirror Theresa May appears but still won't debate you

    And online.

    Theresa May's Facebook Live interview is going well

    People didn’t have faith in her ability to tackle any issues, let alone Brexit.

    A widny trust Theresa May to find the sky remote never mind find a solution to terrorism

    Then she admitted the “naughtiest” thing she’d ever done, and oh God.

    *in bed with bae* "Talk dirty to me" "I used to run through fields of wheat"

    Actually cringing remembering this.

    "Never have I ever ran through a field of wheat"


    nice wheat field you've got there. would be a shame if somebody ... ran through it

    A sense began to build that she didn’t really stand for anything.

    Shop assistant: Do you want a bag? Theresa May: Actually I'm glad you asked that question. There is going to be a consultation. Yes. No.

    And in the end, the election she’d called to secure a Brexit mandate pretty much achieved the opposite.

    Theresa May just been running through that wheat field again #GE2017

    But she pressed on regardless. This became a theme.

    "I got us into this mess, I'm going to get us out of it", says Theresa May.

    First up, Tory conference, where she had a coughing fit during her speech and the set collapsed around her. I had to check because I still can’t quite believe it, but this did actually happen.

    Theresa May is living the first verse of Lose Yourself by Eminem in front of our eyes.

    Then the Brexit negotiations didn’t go...brilliantly.

    when your mum shouts dinners ready but its not actually ready so you're just sat there like

    And of course, it wasn’t all that long before loads of ministers resigned over the resulting deal.

    Theresa May accepting resignations over Brexit

    Then there was a no-confidence vote, and all the broadcasters rushed to Downing Street before she’d even got to the lectern.

    current status of british politics:

    She survived. Again. But was still really unpopular.

    Theresa May: “Who wants to Brexit with me?” 432 MPs:

    And she kept bringing her deal back to the House of Commons, and it kept on being rejected.

    wild that Theresa May isn’t a socialist for how much she loves being publicly owned

    This kept happening. Can’t even remember how many times, to be honest.

    EU's response to Theresa May returning to the the EU, after yet another Commons defeat

    Basically, the end of her career was just Parliament telling her to bugger off, again and again.

    Some comfort for Theresa May in that her defeat wasn’t the largest in Parliamentary history as that honour belongs to Theresa May.

    And again.

    Theresa May presenting her Brexit deal to Parliament

    And then she quit. The end. Farewell, Theresa May, you really were consistent.