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Tesco Has Stopped Selling Marmite Apparently Due To Brexit And Britain Is In A State Of Crisis

#MarmiteGate is tearing the country apart.

Last night, the news broke that Tesco would not have Marmite on its shelves after a price row with its biggest supplier, Unilever.

The row is said to be over the fact that Unilever attempted to increase its wholesale prices, saying it faces higher costs due to the recent fall in sterling following Britain's vote to leave the EU.

Unilever also supplies other brands, which are also unavailable on the Tesco homepage.

But it's the Marmite that's really got people freaking out. Some people are finding the situation rather amusing.

I can get Marmite, how much Marmite do you want?

52% of people hate Marmite. We should respect the will of the British people and not have access to Marmite

"What did Marmite taste like father?"

(Note: This was @mrnickharvey's creation, Vegemite is not planning a coup. That we know of).

Others are deeply concerned.

Brits everywhere right now: #Marmite #Marmitegate #Brexit

There's a lot of stockpiling going on.

Very grateful that I have this large tub of @marmite #MarmiteGate

Taking stock of our Marmite supplies. If we're frugal we may last a couple of months ... #Marmitegate #putthebrakeon

If Theresa May causes a tea bag shortage. This government will fall. #HardBrexit #innovativejam #Marmitegate

And some are delighted.

I think I'd have voted for Brexit had I known Unilever would rid of us marmite, pot noodle, chicken tonight and lynx.

Many people are blaming Brexit.

Clearly the #Marmite struggle is real for someone riding my train this morning! #Brexit #Marmitegate

Don't know why everyone is complaining, it was on the battlebus #Marmite #Marmitegate #Brexit

"Is that Australia? I need some unlabelled Vegemite quick. Will pay any price." #Marmitegate

However, others are pointing the finger at Unilever for profiteering.

100% of Marmite supplies are UK sourced in Burton from yeast extract a by-product of brewing. Unilever are just profiteering. #MarmiteGate

#Unilever want to raise prices due to 'negative' stirling changes. Bet they they didn't drop prices when 'positive' changes #Marmitegate

There was also this remarkable plot twist.

There's a scene involving Marmite in a London-set episode of the new Black Mirror series. Meant to be near-future. NOW A UTOPIAN PIPE DREAM.

  1. Is the vanishing Marmite a good thing or a bad thing?

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Is the vanishing Marmite a good thing or a bad thing?
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    A good thing, it's disgusting. Rule, Britannia!
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    A very bad thing – Brexit has destroyed the country and this crisis is only set to deepen.

Alan White is a news editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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