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Man Takes Pleasure In Legless Lizard Crawling Up His Penis, Unsurprisingly Ends Up In Hospital

Goddamn it humanity. Sex Sent Me To The ER delivers again.

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Meet Shawn. He's in a Chicago hospital because he's got a pain in his urethra.

And here's a reconstruction of Dr Katrina Nguyen from the hospital telling him he'll need a catheter.


"It's like a truth serum," she told the show.

And here's Shawn breaking down and telling the medics he's pretty sure he knows what the problem is.

You see, a couple of weeks ago, Shawn's wife told him he wasn't adventurous enough in bed.

It just so happens that he and his wife are the kind of people who like to get close to nature. One day Shawn's doing exactly this...

...when a tiny lizard crawls across his leg.

And it goes straight up his old man. And due to his wife's harsh words, he just decides to go with it.


According to Nguyen, "he found it awkward that he enjoyed the pleasurable sensation."

And all was well, apparently, right up until the point the lizard got scared.

You'll have to watch the full episode to see how his predicament was resolved, but needless to say it was eventually removed.

Well done Shawn.