Look What This Woman Found In Her Waitrose Salad

    Meet Larry the Locust.

    Berenice Baker, a technology journalist, contacted BuzzFeed after making this discovery while eating her salad.

    Locust in my lunch! Nicely dealt with by @Waitrose Bayswater, but I'd steer clear of the bagged salads for now...

    As part of my lunch today, I tipped an entire bag of Waitrose watercress, spinach and rocket salad on to my plate along with chicken and rice. One forkful was half-way to my mouth when I noticed something different to the heft of an average salad leaf, and there he was. I let out a bit of a squeal which grabbed the attention of the office. While my colleagues were making Larry a social media star, I marched downstairs to Waitrose Bayswater with my entire lunch plate.

    @BereniceJBaker just won a free grasshopper with her salad from @waitrose. #bugfood

    The duty Customer Services manager was very sympathetic and helpful - I have to confess to shaking a bit by this stage. They bagged Larry up for freezing to send to head office, refunded me my lunch, took my details for Customer Services and Support and let me choose an alternative. Let's just say I didn't go for salad! I suspect Larry is an overseas visitor; I've never seen anything quite his size in this country, and what with the 'plague of darkness', or Saharan dust smog, over London, I'm waiting for the next biblical plague.
    We're so sorry - this must have been an upsetting experience. Although an isolated case we are investigating what could have happened.