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    Look How Much Retouching Goes Into A L'Oréal Garnier Commercial

    This is kind of amazing. H/T Petapixel.

    This timelapse was posted by Andreas Brueckl from Color Me Up! earlier this month. It's a pretty fascinating insight into the process.

    As D.L. Cade pointed out: "Magazine covers, professional portraits, and even Instagram posts have been accused of using Photoshop. But nobody bats an eye when a beauty commercial comes on TV."

    This process is known as colour grading, using a system called Baselight.

    Brueckl says in the video description that the process took about 30 minutes.

    It's not even the full process: As he explains, he doesn't show all of the beauty retouching and skin grading.

    The original video has been taken down at the uploader's request. BuzzFeed News has been given permission to use short clips.