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    Let's Take A Moment To Remember That Snoop Dogg Got High With A Welsh Farmer Who Grew A Giant Vegetable

    Basically, I was talking to someone and I just wanted to confirm that this did actually happen and I wasn't dreaming, and I wasn't.

    Right, so there's this 71-year-old man called Ian Neale, who's a farmer from Newport.

    Nigel Roddis / Reuters

    Here he is with a giant marrow that weighs 50.5 kg and is almost the size of him.

    Giant vegetables are his thing. He holds several records in the field of giant vegetable growing.

    Nigel Roddis / Reuters

    This is a giant carrot, presented at Harrogate Flower Show.

    Anyway, back in 2011 the weirdest thing happened.

    Westfest TV / Via

    Here's Snoop Dogg, the rapper responsible for such albums as Doggystyle, Tha Doggfather, and Doggumentary, asking Neale to come backstage to his show in Cardiff, "because I do vegetation myself, and I want to know your secret".

    So Neale did, and Sky News decided to interview him.

    Sky News / Via

    "Snoop Appeal".

    And what happened was one of the great live TV interviews.

    Sky News
    Sky News /

    This is brilliant.

    View this video on YouTube

    Anyway, here is an important update. Last year, Neale broke his own record for a giant swede.

    So two months ago he invited Snoop Dogg to Cardiff to see his vegetables again. It appears the rapper didn't take him up on the offer.

    Snoop, come back and see Ian. And his giant vegetable-growing entourage.

    Nigel Roddis / Reuters
    Paul Warner / Getty

    Seriously, your crews should hang out.

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