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Let's Take A Moment To Remember That Snoop Dogg Got High With A Welsh Farmer Who Grew A Giant Vegetable

Basically, I was talking to someone and I just wanted to confirm that this did actually happen and I wasn't dreaming, and I wasn't.

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Anyway, back in 2011 the weirdest thing happened.

Westfest TV / Via

Here's Snoop Dogg, the rapper responsible for such albums as Doggystyle, Tha Doggfather, and Doggumentary, asking Neale to come backstage to his show in Cardiff, "because I do vegetation myself, and I want to know your secret".


This is brilliant.

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Anyway, here is an important update. Last year, Neale broke his own record for a giant swede.

So two months ago he invited Snoop Dogg to Cardiff to see his vegetables again. It appears the rapper didn't take him up on the offer.