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    Lazarus The Dog Has Survived Being Run Over By A Car And Two "Lethal" Injections

    Seriously everyone, this dog is invincible.

    So here is Lazarus, aged four.

    As ITV reports: "Having already survived being hit by a car, with a cut leg and a missing pad on his left rear paw, the dog was in a poor state and failed to attract a new owner."

    That evening, a vet came to put to sleep the dogs on the list to die. After euthanizing the dogs, he verifies that the heartbeat has ceased. As he checked this particular dog, he heard a faint heartbeat and euthanized him again. He rechecked his heartbeat and signed off on the records that the 4 year old black shepherd mix was dead. When the staff arrived in the morning, to their shock the dog was looking at them. He had even eaten his left over food from the day before. Though scared and wobbly, he was sitting in his cage alive!

    He had to be given a name by the shelter...what else but Lazarus?

    As the Daily Mail reports, "Now living with one of the heads of Two By Two Rescue, Lazarus is back to full fitness and responds affectionately to his new name when it is called."