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    Just A Load Of Pictures Of Tory Ministers Giving Speeches To A Half-Empty Conference Hall

    Jeremy Wright let everyone down by allowing them to think he'd appear in holographic form, like Tupac did, but then just turning up in person instead.

    Throughout this year's Tory conference, one thing has been very noticeable about the main hall where ministers have been giving important speeches announcing groundbreaking new policies and so forth.

    That's right: The hall has been mostly empty.

    I can confirm the atmosphere in the main hall at Tory conference remains electric

    Here's a GIF of the end of trade secretary Liam Fox's speech. Wait for it...

    It was a bit fuller by the end of Jeremy Hunt's speech, but not exactly packed to the rafters.

    It was pretty empty for the chancellor, Philip Hammond...

    Errr ... packed hall at Tory Conference for the address by chancellor Philip Hammond

    Even Theresa May didn't turn up.

    The Chancellor’s conference speech always used to be a standing room only affair. This time: lots of empty seats. And the PM doesn’t even seem to have come

    And it was VERY empty for culture secretary Jeremy Wright, although in fairness he'd let everyone down by allowing them to think he'd appear in holographic form, like Tupac did, and then just turning up in person.

    I got a bigger audience for my conference speech than Jeremy Wright - and I didn’t even do a conference speech.

    Then there was business secretary Greg Clark, who unlike Wright actually went so far as to not turn up in person and appeared by video, but sadly no one watched it.

    Says it all don’t it? Greg Clark Secretary of State at BEIS - which runs industry, manufacturing, energy was not allowed to address Tory Party Conference - he gets to send a video message instead! To half empty hall.

    Here's the hall on Tuesday morning, when delegates were being treated to the thoughts of Andrea Leadsom among others.

    And by the time Sajid Javid — who's widely seen as a leadership contender — showed up, the hall hadn't really filled up any more.

    So where is everyone? The answer is: fringe events. Mostly Brexit fringe events.

    The room for “Conservatives for a People’s Vote” in Birmingham is absolutely packed. Standing room only. They were barred from holding this meeting inside the conference secure zone by the Conservative Party. @JustineGreening and @Anna_Soubry both here #C4PV

    Look at all these people queueing to get into a Novotel to watch Jacob Rees-Mogg talk to the guy from Wetherspoons!

    this is the queue to get into a Novotel to watch Jacob Rees-Mogg debate with the Wetherspoons guy, it doesn’t even start for half an hour #ConservativeConference

    And it's not just the Brexit events that are attracting people. It's almost like activists ACTUALLY want to talk about policy rather than pretend to take interest in a bunch of incremental announcements from ministers, most of which have already been leaked to the media! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    @WMWV_ @fawcettsociety @DLA_Piper @Women2Win @Conservatives @Baronessjenkin @Samsmethers @AmberRuddHR Packed audience here for @Women2Win @fawcettsociety fringe event- the view from the speaking panel!