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    Nov 11, 2014

    A Pensioner In Devon Says He Found A Wolf Spider In His Cocoa And The End Of Days May Have Begun

    I can't.

    Here is Peter Blight, 73, from Devon, and just look at the trauma in his eyes. / Via Michael Slater

    Why is he so upset with that jar of cocoa?

    Because after buying it from a branch of Morrisons in Tiverton, he got through about a third of it, and this is what he says he found...

    DEAD CHOCOLATE SPIDER NOPE. / Via Michael Slater

    He told SWNS:

    I don't for the life of me understand how a spider could have got in there. I used to work in a dairy lab in Crediton where we made chocolate and we used to have all these safety measures. All I was interested in was the health and safety aspect. But I had to tell them it was no laughing matter. They just took the jar and told me they'd send it off to Cadbury. I decided because of their lack of urgency, I'd be stupid to leave the spider with them.

    Then he contacted Cadbury. He told the North Devon Journal:

    I was put through to health and safety who promptly told me it was not their job, but that I should contact food standards. They told me the same and that I should contact the environment authority. I am simply baffled by the lack of real concern by any of these bodies.

    He said he got a £15 voucher as a token of goodwill, but turned it down.

    He told the North Devon Journal: "It's not about money, it's about health and safety." He's now stopped shopping in Morrisons and buying Cadbury products.

    Morrisons has referred the problem to Cadbury. The North Devon Journal quotes a Cadbury spokesperson:

    This sounds very unpleasant for Mr Blight and we have sent him a pre-paid envelope so that he can send the spider back to us. Once it's returned, we will carry out an investigation to see how this could have occurred.

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