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    This Woman's Lonely Christmas Cards Are Hilarious

    Bridget McCartney is the Christmas hero we deserve.

    Our tale begins back in 2009.

    The woman you see at the front of the picture is Bridget McCartney from Texas, who is 28 and works for a tech company. McCartney's the youngest of five children.

    "All my siblings are married with children," she told BuzzFeed. "[They] were doing their own holiday cards and I was the only one still in my parents' card. My mom decided that it was a little awkward that out of five children, I was the only adult child in their Christmas card pictures."

    The next year, her parents decided to send a card with just a picture of the two of them.

    "Acting as the youngest child, I threw a fit and decided to do my own to get back at all of them," Bridget said.

    And here it is.

    McCartney said: "I created the first card without telling anyone and sent it to all my family members. It ended up being a big hit amongst my family members; my mother wasn't all too pleased."

    "So of course," she said, "I've done it every year since."

    For her 2012 card, McCartney finally found some company, at least...

    ...and by 2013, her cards were getting darker (and funnier).

    She told BuzzFeed she actually has got a boyfriend now, "but since I'm not married or engaged and I have to check the 'single' box on registration forms at the doctor's office, I'm pretty sure I'm still single by definition.

    "He's been a good sport about being the secret boyfriend to Lonely Bridget though."

    Last year, the cards went viral – in part thanks to her brother-in-law who wrote a BuzzFeed Community post.

    "My friends get so excited every December and can't wait to see the new card," she said.

    "I even have friends that have all six years hanging on their fridge to display all year long. My family is pretty into it as well. My siblings start badgering me about October asking me what my idea is for this year and giving me ideas that they think I should use. They almost always involve cats," she added.

    And this year she's really raised the bar.

    Her mother even helped her take this one.

    She said: "The last guy I was with wasn't much of a conversationalist and his arm kept falling off every time we'd go kayaking, and my new love shit all over my dress just because I tried to put a Santa hat on her so I don't think that it will last long either."

    And how will she be spending Christmas 2015?

    "This is the first year we don't all live in the same town so we aren't doing a big family Christmas; everyone is on their own," she said. "Since all my siblings are married with children, they will spend it with their families. So... I guess I'm spending it with the chicken."

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