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    If Politicians Were Honest On The Internet

    Life would be better if they just opened up a little bit.

    1. They would throw intense shade on Facebook. / / Alan White / BuzzFeed

    2. Their YouTube channels would be way more popular.

    Alan White / Luke Macgregor / Reuters / Jeff J Mitchell / Jamie Jones / AP / Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

    3. Ministerial feedback would be much more open. / Stefan Rousseau / PA Wire / Press Association Images

    4. They'd remember the good times on Instagram. / / Alan White / BuzzFeed
    ITN / YouTube

    5. Ed would have a pretty easy way to shut people down. / ITN

    6. In fact there'd be more Twitter beef than ever before. / Wpa Pool / Getty Images / Alan White / BuzzFeed

    7. Like, a lot more. / Stefan Rousseau / Getty Images

    8. Some politicians might take a while to get a hang of the whole social media thing...

    Dave Thompson / Getty

    9. ...and some would have better Tinder game than others.

    Donald Macleod / Jamie Jones / Alan White / BuzzFeed

    10. Above all, the dynamics of a hung parliament would be very different. / Alan White / BuzzFeed

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