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    The Internet Has Completely Fallen For Oxford University's Male A Cappella Group

    They're hot, they're doing it all for charity, they're like The Warblers and no one can handle it.

    You probably saw this incredible Shakira cover that went mega viral earlier this year.

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    It has over 5 million YouTube views and is quite honestly one of the greatest things ever posted on the internet.

    This is Jack Remmington, the group's president, and no wonder he looks so happy.!jack-r/c153f!jack-r/c153f

    Remmington told BuzzFeed News that the group first began in 2000.

    He said:

    It began because an American student came to Oxford and realised there was a lack of a cappella. Every year we hold auditions in Freshers' Week. We rehearse three times a week, for two hours at a time. In the holidays we tour, but not in term time.

    It's an exciting time for the group, because they have a new charity single out.

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    All the money raised by the single will go to Helen and Douglas House, which provides palliative, respite, end-of-life, and bereavement care.

    Remmington said the group actually makes no money from the venture, despite how popular it is (the Shakira video made £10,000). However, they are "in talks" about record deals.

    How come their videos always look so awesome?

    "Basically, we're lucky to have huge talent at Oxford," Remmington said. "We have lots of talented videographers. The teams are entirely student-led, from the video editing to the choreography. It's self-perpetuating, so the more popular we've got, the more people have volunteered."

    They never expected it to blow up like this, however.

    "We were in India, and we'd just made this little video over a couple of days," Remmington said. "First of all Gay Times shared it, then someone on Shakira's team, then Shakira herself on her Facebook – I was getting emails from people who were print-screening their feeds, saying a bunch of people I didn't know had just shared it!"

    Now let's watch this angelic performance of "Something".

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    Also let's watch The Warblers while we're at it.

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