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The President Of Ecuador Posed With A Kid In An "I'm With Stupid" T-Shirt And Became A Giant Meme

Did a world leader fall for the oldest trick in the book? Some people on the internet sure think so!

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So this picture of Rafael Correa, the president of Ecuador, posing with a young boy, is really, really, really, really viral right now.

Awwwwww, that's embarrassing... #IAmWithStupidMashi

His opponents have been tweeting it for the last few days with the hashtag #IAmWithStupidMashi, (his Twitter handle is @MashiRafael).

#IAmWithStupidMashi and #IAmWithStupidMashi and #IAmWithStupidMashi and #IAmWithStupidMashi

Porque en Ecuador lo hacemos realidad #IAmWithStupidMashi

"Because in Ecuador we make [fiction] a reality." #IAmWithStupidMashi

Porque los niños nunca mienten #IamwithastupidMashi

"Because kids never lie." #IamwithastupidMashi

Et tu, Segismundo? #IAmWithStupidMashi

It seems some people think this is a CIA conspiracy.

Niño agente de la CIA intenta destabilizar al gobierno. Sería un buen titular para Andes. #IAmWithStupidMashi

The tweet reads: "Kid CIA agent attempts to destabilize government. It would be a good headline for Andes." #IAmWithStupidMashi

#IAmWithStupidMashi con esto de las salvaguardas.... camisetas de la bahía

And now his supporters are firing back with #WeAreWithYouMashi.

Eight years later and the only thing they have is a ridiculous t shirt and a boy who didn't understand the legend on it. #WeAreWithYouMashi

Of course no one actually knows if the boy understood what was on his T-shirt (according to a message purportedly posted online by his mother, he didn't), if the president (who speaks fluent English) didn't realise what it said, or did and didn't care, or indeed anything else about the whole thing.

In summary, the only lesson to be learned from this whole debacle is that political Twitter fighting is the worst fighting on the internet.