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This Cat Weighs More Than A 3-Year-Old Child So It's Just Been Put On A Diet

Meatball is a really, really big cat.

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Melissa Gable, from the rescue centre, told Barcroft Media: “I’ve never seen a cat this size before. We’ve been told he’s only been fed cat food, but he doesn’t seem interested in that at all."


Staff at the centre have now put Meatball on a strict diet so that he can regain his mobility.

“He can walk fine, but after a few paces he just lies down," Gable said. "He is very sweet-natured, though, and when people come in to see him he will roll over on to his back and let them rub his belly."

She added: "His previous owners called him Meatball, but some people have said he should be renamed Meatloaf. His coat is in good condition, he purrs likes crazy and grooms himself – so other than his massive size, he appears to be in good shape."

What a cat.

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