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    If You Want To See What It Looks Like To Have Three Testicles, Here's Your Chance

    All thanks to Reddit user GardenofGandalf.

    Ok then. All you have to do is click here. And yes, it's NSFW.

    He announced on the site: "Just turned 18 and I've been waiting to show Reddit what it looks like to have three testicles."

    Of course everyone was immediately reminded of DoubleDickDude.

    He didn't really have too much else to say on it, because, y'know, he's just 18.

    Although someone did ask him if he "did a Newton's Cradle type thing with them."


    He said it didn't work.

    Then some guy decided to post a picture of his (two) balls presumably because he was feeling left out. They were well received.


    Anyway, the real action was on this thread, a few hours later.

    Seriously, what are the chances?