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    You Should Re-Evaluate Your Life Because You're Not On This Floating Bar And Pizzeria Right Now

    To reiterate: There is a FLOATING BAR AND PIZZERIA in the South Pacific Ocean.

    Hello and welcome to Cloud 9, which is just off the coast of Fiji.

    There are 100 people on it at any one time.

    It has a fully stocked bar, and it does cocktails.

    It has Italian Wood Fire Pizzas. ITALIAN. WOOD. FIRE. PIZZAS.

    Putting together our food and beverages menu to post on our website soon.. Just so you know what to plan for!

    Italian wood fire pizzas.

    You can go swimming and snorkelling in between chilling more than is humanly possible.

    But you're not on it right now, are you?

    And neither am I.

    I'm in central London. The strangers in the street pass me by, woe etched across their faces. The smog is polluting my lungs. I don't want to be here. I want to be on the floating bar and pizzeria near Fiji. But I'm not.

    I want to go there.