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    There's A Giant Hole In Siberia And The Internet Is Freaking Out Over It

    Welcome to the hellmouth, people!

    According to The Siberian Times, authorities are to investigate this massive hole, which was spotted by helicopters in the far-northern Yamal peninsula.

    It's believed to be 80 metres wide, but its depth hasn't been calculated yet. A scientific team is due to look at it today.

    Experts say the dark bits towards the inner rim of the crater show "severe burning" scorched the edges.

    Needless to say, the internet has thoughts on what this is. Including, but not limited to, a hellmouth.

    Mutant Enemy
    Mutant Enemy

    Or the work of a UFO.

    20th Century Fox

    Or a Transformer.


    Another explanation is that it's the result of a meteorite striking the area.

    A spokesman for Russia's Emergency Ministry has ruled this out, but says it's too early to say what it is.

    The most plausible explanation so far is that global warming released gases under the surface of the earth, which then exploded like a giant spot. Anna Kurchatova from the Sub-Arctic Scientific Research Centre thinks the crater was formed by a mixture of water, salt, and gas which then caused an underground explosion.

    In her scenario gas accumulated in ice that was mixed with sand beneath the surface subsequently mixed with salt. Global warming then caused an "alarming" melt in the ice under the soil, which released the gas, essentially causing an effect like the popping of a giant cork.

    And that's dangerous, because there are a whole bunch of gas pipelines in the area.


    All will be revealed soon.

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