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A Bride Took Her Own Wedding Photos And The Album Is Absolutely Beautiful

This will give you all the feels. Especially the last pic. H/T Petapixel.

Liisa Luts, 29, lives in Talinn, Estonia.

She and her husband run Mellow, a small company specialising in video, photography, and animation.

And last month, they got married.

She told BuzzFeed: "We didn’t want to have a big event and put on a show, we preferred to avoid all the stress that comes with wedding planning."

"Everything about our day was very laid-back and comfortable, also we didn’t feel the need for the professional wedding photography. We just wanted to make it legal, celebrate a bit and to go with the flow."

So Luts took all the pictures herself, with a Fujifilm X-T10.

She said: "It wasn’t inconvenient and also didn’t take away any attention from the day. I just snapped a picture now and then on the go."

Luts said she didn't plan or stage anything, so it didn't take more time.

She said the light was "challenging", because it was quite a cloudy day, but she just took the pictures without worrying too much about it.

Luts said she's had lots of positive feedback: "It’s nice to hear people say it’s simple and authentic and [a] really lovely and creative idea."

She said there are also people who think weddings should be more traditional, with a professional photographer taking beauty shots: "I understand both views and they both are valid, I think."

She added: "I understand that marriage/wedding day might have a quite different meaning in various countries and for [different] people. My aim isn’t to prove any point or to tell people not to hire or fire wedding photographers, certainly not!"

"I think that everyone should make their own decisions whether to get married at all, how to celebrate that day if they do, and all other aspects in life, too."