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    A Man Is Ranking All Of Britain's Fry-Ups And He Has The Most Delicious Website On Earth

    BRB I need to fry some sausages RIGHT THIS INSTANT.

    You might have seen this logo on a few greasy spoons around the place.


    It's courtesy of the Fry-Up Inspector and it is rapidly becoming THE only bench-mark anyone serving a fry-up needs.

    The anonymous inspector tells BuzzFeed: "It started in April 2010, after I put up a couple of Facebook posts. They were popular and people suggested I start a blog."


    The Street Cafe, Norwich - 9/10.

    "I've now done about 200 reviews: I do one a week."


    Rendevous, Norwich - 2/10.

    When asked about the health implications, he says: "I just make sure I eat really healthily the rest of the week, I try to eat lots of fresh fish and steamed vegetables."


    Giraffe, Norwich - 8/10.

    He tells BuzzFeed his blog has now had around four million page views, and gets about 30,000 visits a month.


    Bowthorpe shopping centre cafe - 3.5/10.

    He's tried breakfasts as far away as Spain and France: but what's his favourite?


    Louis' Deli, Norwich - 9/10.

    Well the winner is....



    E. Pellicci in Bethnal Green.

    Oh. My. God. Look at it.

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