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    How The Internet Saw The Most Ridiculous Day In British Politics For A Long Time

    Is it safe to come out now?

    It all started relatively peacefully, with Iain Duncan Smith on TV saying that he never claimed the NHS would be getting £350 million as a result of Brexit.

    Marr: 'You said you'd spend £350m on the NHS' IDS: 'No we didn't' Marr: #marrshow

    Which may have been, um, literally true.

    It's fair to say his interview wasn't all that well received.

    Otherwise all we had to worry about was the impending financial and political crisis.

    I just mistakenly triggered Article 50. Sorry. I was trying to stop Adobe updates and I pressed the wrong button.

    David Cameron putting the issue of Europe to bed for a generation.

    However, bubbling under was something altogether more crazy. Suddenly, Labour shadow cabinet ministers were resigning like it was going out of fashion. And the party's "enforcer" Glastonbury.

    Tom Watson currently in a tent in a muddy field with 5,000 missed calls

    So he had to get a train home. This really happened.

    The best thing about this photo of Tom Watson is that they've managed to capture his actual thought bubble.

    Meanwhile, Westminster hacks were faced with more resignations than they knew what to do with.

    Even non-journalists found it exciting.

    Had planned to spend most of my weekend watching boxsets but BBC rolling coverage is much more exciting than anything on Netflix.

    Fortunately Tom was back now.

    More MPs resigned...

    ...and more.

    Then a somewhat unlikely political story emerged.

    Labour Left believe anti-Corbyn plotters have been consulting each other over timings, resignations etc through a Snapchat group

    People were somewhat mystified as to what this Snapchat group might look like.

    @helenlewis @DuncanWeldon artist's reconstruction of events

    I thought Snapchat was for shagging.

    Anyway, the resignations continued.

    Shadow cabinet by this evening: Corbyn, Abbott, Livingstone, Varoufakis, Jeremy Hardy and a "Coal not Dole" mug. And Andy Burnham.

    And for a brief moment it looked like things could actually have got worse for Labour.


    But as it happens, he didn't say "Hitler".

    HOWEVER. Then they actually did.

    Have phoned Jeremy & said if required, I'm prepared to serve. I am prepared to make that sacrifice for the Labour Party.

    It's fair to say not a lot of people saw this happening.

    "Have phoned Jeremy & said if required, I'm prepared to serve. I'm prepared to make that sacrifice for Labour Party"

    "Have phoned Jeremy & said if required, I'm prepared to serve. I'm prepared to make that sacrifice for Labour Party"

    By now it was easier to say who HADN'T resigned.

    Shadow resignation bingo players anxiously waiting on an announcement from John Healey

    That powerful, devastating Labour resignation letter was much more devastating than the last powerful, devastating Labour resignation letter

    MPs trying to work in parliament tomorrow

    By now things were so bonkers, Question Time had been moved to teatime.

    Don't think much to Boris's disguise... #bbcqt

    And by the end of the day, 11 MPs had resigned, one had been sacked, and no one knew what was going to happen to our currency or who would be the leader of either political party in the near future.

    In summary:


    Helpful infographic showing the current situation in the United Kingdom

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