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    Gordon Ramsay Offered A Chef With Epilepsy A Job After He Was Fired

    He's actually a real sweetie, you know?

    As we all know, Gordon Ramsay is...kinda fearsome.

    Actually, he's very fearsome. BUT.

    This exchange with a Twitter user called Aaron Merry shows he might just have a softer side.

    Well 3 epileptic fits this morning but because of how much college and team in kitchen mean to me coming college anyway, can't let them down

    Merry, who says on Twitter that he's a chef who has epilepsy, got in touch with Ramsay and told him that he'd been fired because he suffered from the condition.

    @GordonRamsay could do with your advice, got fired from my chef job on the way home on the same day I mentioned epilepsy , is that fair ?

    Whereupon Ramsay replied...

    That's ridiculous DM I will offer you a job

    Merry's father, Steve, told BuzzFeed that it had been a "whirlwind" of media attention.

    He confirmed that the Ramsay Group HR director had left a "long voicemail" asking for Aaron to come down to London and have a meeting.

    He said: "He's still studying at college, he was trying to learn his trade academically, and then apply that in part time jobs, so he was juggling quite a lot. On a personal level regardless of where it goes, we just want to thank Gordon and the Ramsay Group for following through on what they said."

    And he added: "It's very easy to say things on Twitter and not back it up. We're just incredibly appreciative of Gordon sticking to his word. It's testament to what kind of guy he is. A lot of people have this notion of him as a hard-nosed businessman."

    What a nice man!

    Most of the time.

    BuzzFeed has contacted Ramsay's representatives for comment.