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    Here's Why The Amount Of Money Involved In Football Is Ludicrous

    Those involved in the game of football are living in a different financial world.

    These charts show the the gross annual income (wages, winnings and endorsements) of 10 players in the World Cup versus the average national income in their countries.

    Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal. / Via NeoMam Studios

    Lionel Messi – Argentina. / Via NeoMam Studios

    Wayne Rooney – England. / Via NeoMam Studios

    Didier Drogba – Cote d'Ivoire. / Via NeoMam Studios

    Sergio Aguero – Argentina. / Via NeoMam Studios

    Yaya Touré – Cote d'Ivoire. / Via NeoMam Studios

    Neymar – Brazil. / Via NeoMam Studios

    Fernando Torres – Spain. / Via NeoMam Studios

    Steven Gerrard – England. / Via NeoMam Studios

    Samuel Eto'o – Cameroon. / Via NeoMam Studios

    It's not just players' salaries. This infographic compares the cost of average homes to the cost of various world cup nations' national stadiums.

    With thanks to Sports Betting Online and Neomam Studios.

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