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Here's What Britain Was Like Last Time There Was A General Election

The past is a foreign country. They call old ladies bigots there.

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And the chances are you had The xx's album on your iPod.

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The minimalist indie etherealists won the Mercury Music Prize with their only slightly overrated debut album.

And weirdly, they went on to have a career. Mostly because the first track on the album was used on pretty much every prerecorded BBC news report for the next few years, but still.

Over at the Brits, Lily Allen, JLS, and Kasabian all scooped awards.

Along with Florence + the Machine and Dizzee Rascal, who did this – actually really good – performance.

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We were completely rubbish in the World Cup so we won't dwell on that. Spain won it. They beat Holland in the final. Who were filthy.

AKA The One Where Everyone Got Annoyed With The Vuvuzelas.

As a result this video deservedly went viral.

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Now then. What about the 2010 election itself? Well, for many people it boiled down to one moment on 28 April. / Via ITN Source

In this six-minute video from ITN Source, you can see the moment then prime minister Gordon Brown meets lifelong Labour voter Gillian Duffy, talks to her about immigration, and then, back in his car and not realising his microphone is still on, describes her as a "bigoted woman".

It remains one of the most painfully cringe-inducing moments in British political history.


We said hello to Zac Goldsmith, and goodbye to asteroid watcher Lembit Opik. / Via ITN Source

"Lembit's great in bed but I couldn't quit the Cheeky Girls for him," said former lover Gabriela Irimla.

Elsewhere, the election was overshadowed by the expenses scandal, with a number of MPs either ordered not to stand or losing their seats after being criticised for their expenses claims.

And the whole thing ended with a heartwarming press conference in the rose garden. / Via ITN Source

Feel the burn at five minutes.