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    Here Are 14 Ridiculous Things That Happened In British Politics This Week

    How was this only five days?

    1. A government minister allegedly had their phone stolen by Winston Churchill's grandson, who then tweeted "bollocks" at the BBC's political editor.

    Brexit latest: a minister in Theresa May's government suggests Winston Churchill's grandson used his phone to tweet "bollocks" at the BBC's political editor

    2. Theresa May got locked in her own car.

    Can confirm Theresa May getting locked in her car is much better when you put the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme over it

    3. Adam Boulton announced he'd had his porridge, live on air.

    Don't worry everyone @adamboultonSKY has had his porridge

    4. A random member of Downing Street staff with nothing to say ended up looking like he was addressing the nation.

    current status of british politics:

    5. The Queen of Twitter got confused.

    okay one of my goals for 2019 is to understand UK politics. I read and read and try and learn but my brain cannot grasp it

    6. A child appeared out of nowhere.

    WTF... does anyone else see the child teleport?

    7. Theresa May tried to rap her way to survival.

    Say what you like about Theresa May but she’s got decent flow

    8. Michael Gove got followed around Westminster by Santa.

    “Santa Claus” is following Michael Gove around Westminster saying “you’ve been a very naughty boy haven’t you Mr Gove.”

    9. Then he and Ed Balls did this for some reason.

    10. ITV went into metaphor meltdown.

    These are metaphors are getting out of control.

    11. The president of Luxembourg became a meme.

    PM of Luxembourg - No deal ? So what? Brexit is your choice not mine ... 👏👏😎

    12. These two appeared on TV together.

    13. Theresa May got into a row with Jean-Claude Juncker that looked like it was directed by Alfonso Cuarón.

    NEW - Two expert lipreaders tell 5 News that Theresa May accuses Jean-Claude Juncker of describing her as nebulous. This is how the conversation went, according to the lipreaders:

    14. It, too, became a meme.

    me: not going to take anything personally anymore one pint later: