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    Here's A Video Of Dapper Laughs Making Sexist Jokes Before He Was Dapper Laughs

    This showreel originates from 2010.

    This recently found footage on YouTube shows Daniel O'Reilly, the comedian behind Dapper Laughs, talking to members of the public about the films Knight and Day and The A-Team, both released in 2010.

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    Much of the video is a standard presenter's showreel, with the comedian engaging with members of the public and talking to them about films. However, there are a couple of dubious moments in which he acts rather more like the character he killed off on Tuesday evening.

    At one point in the video, O'Reilly says "not so much of that, so he can watch the film" to a woman while miming her speaking.

    He tells a man he's looking for "easy girls".

    In another clip a woman tells him she's "frigid". "They all say that on the first date," replies O'Reilly.

    The video provides an insight into how O'Reilly evolved the character. It suggests Dapper Laughs was, as Emily Maitlis put to him on Tuesday evening's Newsnight, an extension of a persona (whether it's his persona when the cameras aren't rolling we can't say), rather than an original creation.

    It's a view the comedian himself had previously voiced on Twitter.

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