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A Man Dressed As Santa Has Had To Be Rescued From A Glasgow Statue Again

This is now an annual tradition.

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A man dressed as Santa has had to be rescued from Glasgow's iconic cone-topped statue of Wellington.

'Drunk Santa' removed from top of Duke of Wellington cone head statue in Glasgow

Videos and stills posted to social media showed the man being taken to safety by a cherry picker.

Ahhh Glasgow...Santa is riding the Duke of Wellington...

A police spokesperson confirmed the man was "spoken to accordingly".

Santa's just been arrested outside my work. Climbed up the horse and rescued by a cherry picker. Only in Glasgow.


This is the second time in two years a man dressed as Santa has had to be rescued from the statue.

Last year a 51-year-old man was given a fixed-penalty ticket after having to be saved from the monument.

According to the BBC: "The Santa was last seen entering a police van as the gathered crowd shouted: 'Free Santa'".

It's believed the 2014 Santa incident was a protest by a father campaigning for access to his children. It's currently unclear if this Santa was connected to today's incident.

Glasgow's Polis are far too serious sometimes! "@mikewadejourno: Crowd jeering polis: 'Free Santa!' "

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