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A Man Dressed As Santa Has Had To Be Rescued From A Glasgow Statue Again

This is now an annual tradition.

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A man dressed as Santa has had to be rescued from Glasgow's iconic cone-topped statue of Wellington.

'Drunk Santa' removed from top of Duke of Wellington cone head statue in Glasgow https://t.co/nV4q1ta7iT

Videos and stills posted to social media showed the man being taken to safety by a cherry picker.

Ahhh Glasgow...Santa is riding the Duke of Wellington...

A police spokesperson confirmed the man was "spoken to accordingly".

Santa's just been arrested outside my work. Climbed up the horse and rescued by a cherry picker. Only in Glasgow.

This is the second time in two years a man dressed as Santa has had to be rescued from the statue.

Last year a 51-year-old man was given a fixed-penalty ticket after having to be saved from the monument.

According to the BBC: "The Santa was last seen entering a police van as the gathered crowd shouted: 'Free Santa'".

It's believed the 2014 Santa incident was a protest by a father campaigning for access to his children. It's currently unclear if this Santa was connected to today's incident.

Glasgow's Polis are far too serious sometimes! "@mikewadejourno: Crowd jeering polis: 'Free Santa!' "

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