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The 100 Most Important Fails Of All Time

This is it. The big one.

100. The lost 710.

99. The woman who's unlucky in love.

98. The artist.

97. The reporter and his chicken.


Why it matters: Above all, the important thing to take from this is that you should always unmute Vines.

96. The classic Instagram food snap.

95. The mirror.

94. The hall of cost.

93. The rooftop surfer.

92. The pizza complaint.

91. The volleyball practice.


Why it matters: Because it shows how adequate training facilities are crucial if you want to master a sport.

90. The curious cat.

I just laughed so hard over this photo that I started a coughing fit

Why it matters: The disappointment. Both at oneself, and at life. One of those fails that quite simply encapsulates existence.

89. Bobby Norris and his knob sock.

88. The time Clint went to Starbucks.

87. The worst thief.

Why it matters: Because crime doesn't always pay, but fail certainly does. For anyone watching.

86. The best teacher ever.

85. The soldiers who took on a tyre and lost.

Why it matters: Because even in war the most dangerous threats are the ones you least expect.

84. The grown-ass man and his menu fort.

A grown ass man is mad at his girlfriend at Olive Garden & has made a menu fort

Why it matters: Because in so many other fails we will see adults attempting to recapture their childhood. This man wasn't even trying.

83. The (literal) iPhone 6 release.

82. The master chef.

81. The hoverboard catastrophe.


Why it matters: Because there can be only one hoverboard catastrophe on this list, and this is it.

80. The Harry Styles vomit shrine.

79. The bottle rocket.


Why it matters: Because it's an important reminder of the daily risks that journalists take every single day.

78. The smell of incest.

77. The sign.

76. The lesson learned while travelling.

75. The Madonna and Drake.

74. The handshake that never ended.

73. The dove.


Why it matters: "Ooh!"

72. The Guardian in 2003.

71. The "knowledge is power" tattoo.

Why it matters: Because as Francis Bacon also said, "There is no greater window to a man's soul than a really terrible tattoo." Except he didn't. But he probably thought it.

70. The grown man in the playground.

69. The acronym.

Why it matters: Because sometimes trying to make things clearer only makes them more confusing. And then you just give up.

68. The ice bucket challenge.


Why it matters: Because sometimes it doesn't matter how much you raise for charity; true altruism comes in the form of a monumental fail.

67. The Jenga loss.

Why it matters: Because even when playing the simplest games, the stakes can be raised higher than you can possibly imagine.

66. The man who couldn't control his dog.

Why it matters: Because, as Melville had it, “there is no folly of the beast of the earth which is not infinitely outdone by the madness of men”.

65. The kiss.


Why it matters: Because sometimes being polite can be so much harder than it looks.

64. The cake maker.

My mum ordered a cake for my sisters bd n asked for a blond girl on top but it autocorrected to blind n we got this

Why it matters: Because we often underestimate the importance of linguistic precision, when it's vital to the core of our being.

63. The lack of chill.


Why it matters: Because there's a little bit of Kevin in all of us.

62. The matching onesies.

61. The hockey incident.


Why it matters: Because it's a reminder that protective equipment can come in useful when you least expect it.

60. The forthcoming album.

59. The awful tattoo.

58. The hooligan.

57. The man who tried to recreate "Wrecking Ball" at home.


Why it matters: Because there is nobility in the futility. And in the injury.

56. The Belieber.


Why it matters: Because sometimes there is a question of where, exactly, fail begins.

55. The wedding dance.

Why it matters: Because there's a reason for the "in sickness and in health" line in the vows.

54. The security measure.

Why it matters: Because sometimes it pays to just stop and think for a moment.

53. The romantic gesture.

dad bought my mum asparagus for valentines day thinkin they were daffodils nope I am done

Why it matters: Because the path of true love never did run smooth.

52. The window backboard.

Why it matters: Because there's something impressive in this strength of commitment to a sporting pastime.

51. The wine opener.

50. The bow and arrow.


Why it matters: Because the most painful fails seem to encapsulate life better than most.

49. The student that wasn't.

48. The high five that wasn't.

47. The guy and his chairs.


Why it matters: Because some pranks can escalate far more than you ever thought possible.

46. The day at the beach.

45. The fear of triplets.

44. The hatastrophe.

43. The delivery man.

Why it matters: Because what might seem like a cunning plan at the time often isn't. At all.

42. The volleyball disaster.

41. The mini baller.


Why it matters: Some fails are unexpected. Others are completely expected, yet that doesn't diminish them.

40. The photo op.

Careful where you place your guests! #bbc #threecountiesradio

Why it matters: It's a crucial illustration of the importance of framing a picture meticulously.

39. The filet mignon.

38. The martial artist.

37. The Jon Bovi.

Why it matters: Because some fails bear more scrutiny than it might first appear.

36. The chocolate disappointment.

Why it matters Because life is like a box of chocolates. Except when you're actually eating a bar of soap.

35. The breakdancer.

34. The caption writer.

There's not a day goes by that I don't think about this caption.

Why it matters: Because it is possible to give too much information.

33. The lil' badass.


Why it matters: Because it's a harrowing indictment of just how hard it has become to tame the next generation.

32. The cat's dinner.

Toddler was asked to feed the cat. http://t.co/nRzDRiyiuq

Why it matters: Because some would say the basis of societal evolution is our tendency to put too much faith in the young.

31. The inevitable goat incident.


Why it matters: Because sometimes it's the anticipation rather than the fail itself that matters. Also, this Vine must be unmuted.

30. The salad.

29. The Ikea chair.

Why it matters: Because sometimes, in your quest to succeed, you can lose sight of the bigger picture.

28. The exercise routine.


Why it matters: Look at her face. Just look at it.

27. The Elvis tattoo.

Why it matters: Because the King is never dead. Long live the King.

26. Sue's chicken.

Why it matters: Because it's a reminder that humanity's quest for convenience carries with it terrible peril.

25. The thoughtful card.

Why it matters: Because reality often contains just as much fail as fiction, or in this case, an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

24. The hedge jumper.

23. The literal birthday cakes.

Why it matters: Because there's following orders, and there's exercising self-judgment, and somewhere on that spectrum there is this incredible fail.

22. The student who got trapped in a giant stone vagina.

21. The photoshop disaster.

20. The horny dog.

19. The man who took a photo and ruined a news report.


Why it matters: Because, once again, we see the importance of living in the moment.

18. The job application.

Applied for a job and got this email back

Why it matters: It's one of many reminders that one man's fail can be another man's win.

17. The rhetorical question.

16. The paintballer.

15. The firework disaster.


Why it matters: Because it's never a good idea to make a spectacle of yourself.

14. The panty dropper.

Why it matters: Because the top tier of fail is the kind of fail that would be funny even if someone didn't unexpectedly lose their underwear.

13. The summer's here.


Why it matters: Because, as TS Eliot almost had it, somewhere between the optimism and the excruciating pain, there is fail.

12. The dog that ended up at an alpaca orgy.

Some days you just feel like a dog at an alpaca orgy.

Why it matters: Because sometimes life gives you lemons. But other times it gives you three alpacas having sex with each other.

11. The pornographic disaster.


Why it matters: Because technology carries with it terrible risks, even to the young.

10. The barraco barner.

9. The furious frog.

So I found a frog and I liked him and then he attacked me

Why it matters: Because nature, however adorable it might be, is forever red in tooth and claw.

8. The sunbather.

7. The hotel guest.

6. The tragic child.


Why it matters: Because the greatest fails generally carry their own internal elegance.

5. The worst tattoo ever.

Why it matters: Because it's the worst tattoo ever.

4. The pizza chef.

Why it matters: Because it's always worth remembering that our culinary ambitions, however modest, can still get ahead of us.

3. The mess.


Why it matters: Because life is nothing but a chaotic muddle, all too often punctuated by excruciating pain in the genitals.

2. The man who fell off a trampoline and then had his head humped by a dog.


Why it matters: It's hard to say what the definitive fail would look like. But it's a reasonable statement that a man falling off a trampoline before having his head humped by a dog is, at the very least, something resembling a definitive fail.

1. The grown-ass man with his finger stuck in the wall at Chipotle.