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    21 Extraordinarily Failtacular Fails

    It's that time again.

    1. This BBC caption fail.

    Oops! RT @TVRav: *facepalm* yup, it's real.

    2. Naomi. And Steve.

    3. This guy who got a nasty shock.

    Smoking is seriously bad for your health..

    4. This father.

    5. The dog that couldn't.

    6. Everyone involved in this mess.

    7. This child struggling with a movie title.

    8. This workman.

    That Awkward Moment.... When you get a face full of manure.

    9. This hotel.

    If you need cheering up, here's a photo of the time my stepmum asked for cheese and biscuits at a hotel. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    10. This teen.

    my sister is a freshman in college and apparently teens in 2015 don't know how libraries work.

    11. This DIY enthusiast.

    12. The Argus's subediting team.

    Possibly the greatest newspaper correction of all time. Via @Paul_Haydon

    13. This person who just...yeah.

    14. Whoever asked their toddler to feed the cat.

    Toddler was asked to feed the cat.

    15. Anyone who fails to amuse their dog.

    16. Anyone for whom Pancake Day escalated this quickly.

    Making pancakes can be a dangerous business, stay safe out there guys. #damnautocorrect

    17. This lothario.

    Friend just got this message on her online dating and Iโ€™m not sure Iโ€™ll ever stop screaming.

    18. Jake Gyllenhaal with dog in hand.

    i don't think jake gyllenhaal knows how to dog

    19. Any man trying to buy a tampon.

    20. Anyone who suddenly gets outraged over The Walking Dead.

    Reminder that real life is always, always funnier than anything anyone can make up

    21. And โ€“ of course โ€“ this dog.

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