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    Everyone's Losing Their Minds Over This Map Of Berkhamsted That Looks A Tiny Bit Like A Penis

    Dear Britain, can we just stop seeing cocks in every damned thing on Earth?

    So what happened is, the Haresfoot Brewery from Berkhamsted posted this map from the Canal & River Trust on its Facebook page.

    Canal and River Trust / Via Facebook: haresfootbrewery

    And it received a comment.

    And a local website picked up on the comment.

    And the BBC picked up on this story.

    And because it was the BBC and despite the fact the only person who'd actually said it looked like a penis was Paul "Robbo" Robinson on Facebook, the Canal & River Trust actually issued a statement:

    And now questions like this are being asked.

    And this is happening on Twitter.

    Alan White / BuzzFeed

    And the thing is...



    ... just doesn't look that much like a penis at all.

    Although this author would like to point out from personal experience that if you're going to get wasted on a narrow boat the Grand Junction incorporating Berkhamsted is a cracking little route.

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