Everyone’s Freaking Out Over This Colombian Women Team’s Cycling Outfit Because It Looks Rude

This is a really bad women’s cycling outfit.

1. This outfit is backed by the Colombian government’s Ministry of Sport and sponsored by the city of Bogota.

As spotted at the Giro Toscana in Italy. In which the highest-placed Colombian finished 19th, so it doesn’t appear to have helped.

3. No, it really is that bad and yes it needs to be stopped.

4. Sports blogs are asking questions like this:

5. And the answer is, on the evidence of just the last two months, probably not.


It’s not, as initially suggested, the national team’s kit: It’s the colours of IDRD-Bogotá Humana-San Mateo-Solgar (who are backed by the Colombian Federation).

As it happens, the picture’s virality has brought the issue of female cyclists’ wages into the spotlight. As this post points out:

“You can be outraged by an unflattering photo.

Or you can be outraged by the fact that the people running the sport still haven’t bought forward meaningful change to ensure that women are not on the end of enduring sexism in the sport where their right to a fair wage for a professional job is still considered less important than the design of their kit.”

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