Literally No One Has A Clue What Theresa May Means By "The British Dream"

    Oh god.

    So during a speech that will probably be remembered as "The Time The Prime Minister Was Struck Down By Possibly The Worst Cough In History", Theresa May focused on one big idea: the British Dream.

    May starts off well by saying her election campaign was too scripted and then repeats "The British Dream" 8,000 times in 40 minutes #cpc17

    But what is it?

    Wtf is the British Dream? Bringing back Woolworths? #CPC17

    "the british dream" - is that...a thing?

    No one seems to know.

    The British don’t have a dream, they have a perpetual low-level nightmare they struggle to awake from.

    Is it a major security breach during a speech that's already a disaster?

    theresa may receiving her p45. #thebritishdream

    Is it being able to deliver a speech when your political career is on the line without your voice absolutely collapsing?

    Or is it being able to deliver a speech when your political career is on the line without the slogan behind you collapsing?

    Theresa May: I would like to talk about the British Dream *D falls off* "The British Ream" *E goes* "The British Ram is a wonderful thing"

    Perhaps it's something less significant?

    When you’re queueing in Aldi and they open a new till #thebritishdream

    A pot full of new teabags #TheBritishDream

    Wi-fi in every pub, a plug socket on every bus and train, and a Wetherspoons on every corner #TheBritishDream

    Isn’t the British dream the one where we turn up naked and unprepared for an important exam? Or Brexit, as it’s otherwise known.

    It might be all of these things. Or as with some of her other policy ideas: It might just be a thing Ed Miliband once said.

    May will use the British Dream throughout her speech... first used by Heseltine and main plank of Miliband’s 2014 conference speech.