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Everyone Loves This 59-Year-Old Guy's Street Piano "Say Something" Cover Because It's Beautiful

And what a piano to play it on.

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This cover of "Say Something" is going crazy viral on Facebook.

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It got posted to Reddit a couple of days ago, and absolutely blew up.

As Katriona Dean, who shot the video, explains: "Apologies for the shaky video, I didn't have time to use a tripod or set up my camera."

It's her street piano, which she designed/painted for the "Keys to our Town" art initiative in Cobourg, Ontario.

(Here's her Facebook page).
Katriona Dean

(Here's her Facebook page).

And what a piano it is.

Katriona Dean
Katriona Dean

But who's the guy playing the piano? His name is Michael Anthony McNamara, and he's 59 years old.

All of a sudden he's an internet star.

And quite right too, because he's got that really cool Johnny Cash timbre and he rules.