The Male "Swimming Sock" Is Here And It Must Be Stopped

    We created this, everyone. We need to fix it.

    People. Do you remember the horror of the asymmetric man thong last summer?

    Bobby Norris and boyfriend Harry Derbidge bare bottoms in seriously bizarre trunks

    "Oh, that's funny," we all thought. "What an amusing novelty."

    But it wasn't, was it? Because months later, the Bobby Ball Bag arrived, didn't it?

    Well, look what Bobby Norris is wearing in Tenerife, right now. Or don't. In fact, do not click on this image. Just don't.

    You didn't listen. And so you agree: This must absolutely be stopped and stopped right now.

    Because if this goes on, it will become a thing, and there will be men wearing them on YOUR HOLIDAYS.