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    A Premier League Referee Has Been Dropped Because He Went To An Ed Sheeran Gig

    Bonus: A REALLY cute video of a little girl waking up to "Don't".

    This is Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg.

    This is purveyor-of-high-quality-funky-pop-music-with-an-acoustic-bent Ed Sheeran.

    What happened is:

    Clattenburg was officiating on West Brom's game against Crystal Palace at the weekend. According to the BBC, he "then left the ground alone to drive to Newcastle to watch pop star Ed Sheeran in concert". You're not allowed to do that: The officials must travel to and from the ground under the league's regulations to protect "integrity and security".

    It was actually the second of two breaches of protocol from Clattenburg: He also spoke on the phone to manager Neil Warnock – the rules state all officials must be present during a conversation with a manager.

    Right, that's enough of that. Let's see how this sleeping child responds to "Don't".

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