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People Are Tweeting Pictures Of #DogsAtPollingStations And It's Magnificent

You just don't need another hashtag today.

Look at this dog. It's at a polling station. But it can't vote.

Office puppy Poppy for #DogsAtPollingStations - be the voice of the voiceless!🐾 #vote #GE2015 #votingmatters

Nor can this one.

Rick Findler / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Nor can this one, but he's trying his best, and that's really what matters.

Hollie the dog ponders Britain's electoral options on her way to the polling station. #ElectionDay

This dog would be a floating voter.

David Cheskin / PA Archive/ Press Association Images

This dog is feeling disillusioned with the democratic process.

This dog is not.

@innocent Macy May even popped into vote with her owner #DogsAtPollingStations

This dog is confident he would have made the right choice.

This dog just wants you to follow your heart.

This dog feels his constituency can do better than the incumbent.

These dogs are delighted to see such a high turnout.

This dog fears we'll be stuck with a weak minority government.

This is a labrador and it is rather splendid.

Here's @SageWonderland at the Polling Station.Tweet us pictures of your #DogsAtPollingStations.

And this is a picture of some dogs and a bouncing lamb.

Chris Radburn / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Well done everyone.