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    Doctors Gave This Man A Circumcision During An Operation Without Asking First

    Poor David Duffy.

    Here's David Duffy, 60.

    The Sun / News Syndication

    According to The Sun, he went in to Glasgow Royal Infirmary for one reason...

    Flickr: robin24

    Which was that his penis was bending to the left.

    ...and woke up with no foreskin and 11 stitches.

    My penis was bending to the left. It wasn't painful but it didn't look right. I had an operation to straighten the bend. Nothing was ever said about circumcision.I went under and I woke up that night all bandaged up. The consultant told me they had to circumcise me. It was never discussed beforehand so I wasn't too happy. ...I'm single and it has really hit my confidence. I've never been married and I'm hoping to meet the right woman but this has really upset me and knocked me back.

    The Sun reported that NHS Greater Glasgow settled a compensation sum of £2,000 and offered to pay his legal expenses.

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