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A Dad Turned All The Ridiculous Things He Ends Up Saying To His Kids Into A Book

"Honey, please don't lick the toaster."

Nathan Ripperger, a video producer and graphic designer from Iowa, has been posting these pictures online for years, but they only began to go viral last year.

Ripperger is father to five – FIVE – boys.

And now he's made a book with illustrations of 80 of the weirdest things he's ended up saying to them.

Last year Ripperger told Today: "When you're a parent, after a while the absurdity just washes over you..."

"That's the hardest part about parenting for me — to not let yourself be so caught up with your day-to-day business of life and really just enjoy the time with your children."

If you like his work you can buy it here (or here if you live in America).