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    Dave Grohl Is Helping A Terminally Ill Fan Tick Off His Bucket List

    Yes, he IS the nicest man in rock.

    This is Ken Powell, from New South Wales, Australia.

    Loudwire reported he has been fighting melanoma cancer for 14 years, and his prognosis is terminal, even though he has "undergone two brain surgeries, radiation and a trial treatments."

    According to Yahoo News, he almost fulfilled his wish to meet Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters on their recent tour of Australia, but missed out due to food poisoning.

    But you won't believe what happened next. The website reported that Powell's friend Daniella Whitehead, a Qantas flight attendant, was looking after the Foo Fighters on their return flight home. She told them about Powell's story.

    Whereupon Grohl sent this.

    And according to Loudwire he also sent assorted Foo Fighters souvenirs, an autograph and VIP tickets to the band’s Los Angeles performance.

    And he's going to see his heroes! Using GoFundMe, Ken's managed to fund the expenses of the trip, and the extra funds will go to Melanoma research.

    Further evidence Dave Grohl is amazing.