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This Clip Of A Woman Swarmed By Baby Otters Will Make Your Day Much Better

I really, really want to get swarmed by baby otters.

Here's Stephanie Arne, host of the US TV show Wild Kingdom, getting swarmed by baby otters.

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The clip has been shared nearly 40,000 times on Facebook, because it's REALLY VERY CUTE.

Arne was visiting Nurtured by Nature, a non-profit organisation in southern California that offers children in need the chance to have encounters with animals. As well as these little fellas, the place boasts "porcupine, several kinds of armadillos, a kangaroo, an African ground hornbill, hedgehogs, and horses." The pups crawling all over Arne are Asian small-clawed otters.

Stephanie told BuzzFeed: "In my career, I share my passion for wildlife by showing off rescued, zoo, or trained animal ambassadors, so I am always trying to show their personalities. I want to teach people about what their purpose is, why we need them, how they are struggling and how we can help them to survive and thrive."

She said: "If you see them and fall in love, you will help wildlife conservationists and activists preserve them. Everything is connected. If we realize how important animals are within the global food chain, perhaps we will make smarter choices to make this planet healthier for both wildlife AND humans because our choices impact all living things."

She feels that people are "getting it". She said they're "becoming more aware and connected to nature.

We are changing the way we eat, what we buy and recycle and what and how we waste, with the understanding that if animals and the land is unhealthy, humans will unhealthy too," she added.

You can find out more about Stephanie here.

So there you go...

...Otters are brilliant.

They really are.